Log Splitters & Stump Grinders

We currently have two types of log splitters and stump grinders available for rental. Click or scroll down for more details on each one.

1. Husqvarna S427 Log Splitter

2. Husqvarna SG13 Walk-Behind Stump Grinder

1. Husqvarna S427 Log Splitter

Husqvarna Log Splitter


Full Day2 Days1 WeekDeposit

The Husqvarna S427 log splitter has been designed with productivity and dependability as the driving factors. The Kohler XT engine gives you 27 tons of splitting force at your disposal, so you can handle even the toughest logs with ease. The unit can be operated in either horizontal or vertical mode, and can handle logs up to 25 inches. The unit features a 2 inch tow hitch coupler and can be towed at speeds up to 45 MPH.


2. Husqvarna SG13 Walk-Behind Stump Grinder

Husqvarna SG13


1/2 DayFull Day2 Days1 WeekDeposit

Husqvarna's SG13 stump grinder is a well-balanced, maneuverable machine that provides commercial power and high productivity. The new cutting system provides sharper, faster cutting due to reduced weight and a unique tooth design. Cutting teeth are available for various soil conditions and feature three independent edges to effectively triple the use of the tooth. The teeth can be rotated in a matter of seconds using a 9/16" wrench. The machine's stability, balance and adjustable handle allow you to grind objects up to 12" below the ground while maintaining a comfortable and safe stance throughout the stump grinding job.