Husqvarna AUTOMOWER® 430X Robotic Mower Package


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AUTOMOWER® 430X Robotic Mower Package



This Package Includes:

1 AUTOMOWER® 430X (2018) (967 67 32-05)

1 536LiLX Trimmer (967 32 68-12)

1 436LiB Battery Powered Leaf Blower (967 25 24-03)

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AUTOMOWER 430X 2018 Robotic Mower RL

AUTOMOWER(R) 430X (2018) Robotic Mower (967 67 32-05)

Meet Automower® 430X, a robotic mower that will give you the perfect lawn and more free time. If you own a medium or large-sized yard up to 0.79 acres, Automower® 430X is the model of choice. Featuring smart technology and an intuitive interface, Automower® is the world's most capable robotic mower. Obstacles and tight spaces are no sweat. In fact, thanks to its weather resistance, Automower® works in the rain, too. Plus, as a premium Automower® model in the X-line series, the 430X comes with Automower® Connect, featuring GPS navigation and theft tracking, along with the special X-line design, including LED headlights, rubber front bumper and specially painted wheel caps. (Not available in California.)

Key Features
  • Automower® Connect: Automower® Connect gives you full control of the mower right in your smartphone. You can easily send start, stop and park commands, check and adjust settings. If required also receive alarms and track your mower's position in case of theft - wherever you are.10 years mobile data contract included. Standard on X-line, optional for all 300-400 series.
  • GPS-assisted navigation - PATENTED: An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimized lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.
  • LED headlights: Energy-efficient LED headlights for better visibility and control even in the dark. The lights will also start flashing if a malfunction occurs.
  • Ultra-silent drive: Wheel motors with 2 step gearboxes, a new technology that enables ultra-silent drive. Gives an outstanding performance in perceived noise level and enables night time operation or 24/7 mowing in all kind of neighborhoods.
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Typical charging time: 50 min
  • Typical mow time on one charge: 145 min
  • Mean energy consumption at maximum use: 0.8 acre


  • Working area capacity (±20): 0.8 acre
  • Charging system: Automatic
  • Maximum incline within the working area: 24 °
  • Maximum incline inside working area: 45 %
  • Maximum incline at boundary wire: 15 %

Cutting deck

  • Cutting system: 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Cutting width: 9.45 in
  • Cutting height, max (approximate): 2.4 in
  • Cutting height, min (approximate): 0.8 in


  • Product Size, LxWxH: 28.4x22.0 inx12.2 in
  • Color: Granite Grey


  • Keypad: 19 buttons
  • Information panel: Large LCD display
  • Timer: Yes
  • Handle type: Integrated
  • Wheel threads: Medium
  • Alarm: High
  • PIN code: Yes
  • Installation lock: Yes
  • Time lock: Yes
  • Lift sensor: Yes
  • Tilt sensor: Yes
  • Extra blades: 9 pcs
  • Loop wire: 0 ft
  • Staples: 0 pcs

Sound and Noise

  • Sound level Guaranteed: 58 dB(A)


536LiLX Trimmer RL

536LiLX (967 32 68-12)

A lightweight and high performance trimmer for professionally oriented users. Perfect for gardeners, landscapers and contractors. Features excellent ergonomics and balance, 2-way rotation trimmer head and long-lasting brushless motor.

Key Features
  • Li-ion power: The Li-ion battery provides long lasting power and top class performance.
  • savE™: Choose savE™ for maximum runtime.
  • Two-way rotation: The rotational direction of the trimmer head can be changed for less grass on walk ways.
  • Efficient brushless motor: Our in-house developed, advanced brushless motor is 25 % more efficient than a standard brush motor. This means that the motor provides a high and consistent torque - even when you cut high, thick or wet grass.
  • Battery voltage: 36 V
  • Motor type: BLDC (brushless)


  • Cutting width: 16 in


  • Weight without battery: 6.6 lbs


  • OEM Trimmer head: T25B

Sound and Noise

  • Sound pressure level at operators ear: 76.1 dB(A)
  • Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 96 dB(A)


  • Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle: 1.2 m/s²
  • Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle: 0.7 m/s²


436LiB Blower RL

436LiB Battery Powered Leaf Blower (967 25 24-03)

Lightweight, easy to use, and quiet, the 436LiB is the most powerful Husqvarna battery powered leaf blower. An easy tap on the keypad starts the machine instantly at all times and the cruise control means full focus on blowing leafs and debris away. This electric leaf blower also has a boost power mode that gives you extra power when needed. It's powerful and eco-friendly. Best of all, it's cordless. Battery and charger not included.

Key Features
  • Li-ion power: The Li-ion battery provides long lasting power and top class performance.
  • Ergonomic handle: Ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort and easy access to the controls.
  • Cruise control: Blowing speed can be set at optionally rpm for optimum handling.
  • Boost effect: Maximized blowing speed during limited time through easy accessible boost mode.
  • Battery voltage: 36 V
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Battery runtime (free run): 14 min
  • Battery runtime (free run) with savE activated: 26 min


  • Motor type: BLDC (brushless)


  • Air flow in housing: 441.43 cfm
  • Air flow in pipe: 388.46 cfm
  • Air speed: 105.14 mph


  • Weight without battery: 5.29 lbs
  • Product Size, LxWxH: 35.43x4.72x10.63 in

Sound and Noise

  • Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 96 dB(A)
  • Sound power level, measured: 95 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear: 81 dB(A)


AUTOMOWER 430X (2018) Robotic Mower

Deck Size 9.45 in.

536LiLX Trimmer

Cutting Width
16 in.
6.6 lb

436LiB Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Air Velocity
105.14 mph