Husqvarna Crown Commitment

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Hassle-Free, Seven Day Money Back Guarantee On Professional Chainsaws! 

If you are not satisfied with your qualifying professional saw within seven days of purchase, you can return the saw for a full refund or store credit towards the purchase of a new Husqvarna product.

Qualifying Models Include:

  • T540 XP® Chainsaw
  • T435 Chains
  • All 500 XP® Series Chainsaws
  • All 300 Series Chainsaws
  • All 500Li XP® Battery Chainsaws

Program Details

  • Qualifying products must be returned within seven (7) days of the original purchase. Items returned after seven days are not eligible for refund or exchange under the program.

  • The Seven Day Money-Back Guarantee applies only to Husqvarna professional chainsaws. Other items such as accessories, repair parts, etc. are not eligible.

  • Products which have been damaged due to improper use, abuse, neglect, or failure to operate and maintain the unit in accordance with the instruction manual do not qualify for refund or exchange under the program.

  • Products that have been stolen, damaged due to abuse or neglect, or damaged by fire, water, wind or other acts of nature do not qualify for refund or exchange under the program.

  • Products purchased on the Internet do not qualify for this program.

  • If a qualifying product is returned during the Crown Commitment period and it has defective damages that exceed 75% cost to repair the unit, the unit is not eligible for the Crown Commitment program.

  • Customers are responsible for following the instructions in the Operators Manual and following the guidelines in the Husqvarna Warranty Statement. Failure to follow these instructions may void the offer.